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Michelin Pilot Street tire review

Saturday, November 5, 2016 @ 07:48

Michelin Pilot Street tire review

As it happens with each of us, the time came for me to change my tires. I noticed a great improvement after changing my trusty YBR's horrendous stocks to a set of Heidenau tires. No more unpredictable behaviour on wet tarmac.

Yey! Anyway, after the German rubber wore out, it was time to try something French. I've heard great things about the Michelin Pilot Street – the little brother of Michelin Sport Touring for small to medium-size bikes. I fit a 2.75-18 and 100/90-18 onto my nifty '06 YBR 125.  

As with new running shoes, I start with new tires slow. I've noticed that there's barely any improvement in terms of handling at low speeds, it might be a simple

Bridgestone Battlax S21 test

Sunday, September 11, 2016 @ 19:31

Test of Bridgestone Battlax S21 tires

The conclusion of the test
The ultra short conclusion of the tire test: Impressive performance of the S21 tires.
The test
The tires were testet on my own Honda VFR 750 F and on a BMW S1000 RR which were kindly provided by the official BMW dealer in Denmark  Xpedit.
The tire test on the VFR
The tire test made on the VFR were made riding the route "Bridgestone S21 test tour"

Riders on the road

Thursday, April 28, 2016 @ 18:45

Riders on the road – what unites them all?

Many choose to ride motorcycles: some all year round, some just on the brighter days. But have you ever wondered why we enjoy taking our bikes out for a spin? Or why we often end up thinking about riding? I have stumbled upon similar musings several times and I think I might have just found an answer that is true for most.

The feeling of freedom
Power, noise, instantaneous response, agility – keywords often used to describe one's motorcycle.

Winter tour planning

Sunday, January 3, 2016 @ 17:47

Winter tour planning 

First of all, Happy New Year and hopefully you have spent the holiday well prepareing for the new motorcycle season!
I guess I am not the only one pondering how long this winter will last and when it will finally make up its mind (here, in Denmark, the conditions are still borderline ”rideable” for most of the time). The bike is cleaned and maintained - waiting for its turn to roar on a long tour once again. Commutes are simply not enough anymore.. I take this time off to dream and think of future rides. And there’s no better place than Tourstart to do just that!

From Rio Negro to the Alps, Hanoi and even Sydney – Tourstart users see it all.

I’ve gathered some tours from all over the

Accidents and injuries - part 2

Saturday, November 21, 2015 @ 07:16

Accidents and injuries – the salt of riding

Part 2

Continuing from the first part of this article series, I shall discuss head injuries, bone fractions and relevant methods for minimizing the risks of such traumas.


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