Wisconsin Automotive Museum

Wisconsin Automotive Museum is the one dedicated to exhibiting transportation history with the main focus on Wisconsin marquee - Nash automobiles. The largest automotive museum in Wisconsin features other vintage and classic vehicles, the largest group of Hartford-built Kissel luxury automobiles and artifacts.

Pontiacs, Chevrolets, Studebakers, Fords and Kaisers and other world-renown marquees are presented for the public's view.

The automotive artifacts add to the general understanding of the collection and include signs, gas pumps, oil cans, license plates and other petroliana.

Other features are Hartford outboard engines built during the period from 1930s – 1990s.

Kissel automobiles were manufactured in Hartford during 1906 – 1931, 25 of them are exhibited in the museum and about 200 out of 35,000 survived. The best known Kissel was the two passenger Speedster, nicknamed the “Gold Bug.” Other models included touring cars, 4 passenger, coupes, trucks and fire engines that are also present on display.

The part of the museum's display area is assigned to The Southeastern Wisconsin Short Track Hall of Fame which is dedicated to pay tribute to the history of regional racing. They along with the Nash Car Club have their spaces to exhibit vehicles.

The 1913 #1003 Soo Line steam locomotive and other railroad artifacts are subjects of museum's collection.

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