Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum

Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum houses the cars manufactured by Childe Harold Wills, another great name in the history of American automobile. In the mid 1920's his vehicle became popular very soon and gained a respectable place on the classic olymp.

Firstly Childe Harold Wills was employed by Henry Ford as a metallurgist and chief engineer. He was the inventor of Vanadium steel known for its strength and durability, the one which Ford's cars were made of. Later Wills left the company with the aim to start his own business. Having gained much experience in this sphere, Wills together with a few people from Ford's company, started their own company - C.H. Wills and Co. The first model to be build was the Wills Sainte Claire with some advanced features.

The first Wills Ste. Claire Model A-68 appeared in 1921 and embodied real charm of classics.

The car wasn't a success because of the post-war period and the car was too expensive. The next recession was in 1926 but the company did not survive it.

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