Volo Auto Museum

Volo Auto Museum is located in Volo, IL and houses an eclectic collection of about 50 cars. Popular Mechanics named the museum as one of the most interesting in the country. The fact is incontrovertible, here is something to catch an eye for everyone.

The displaying area includes car exhibits, kids zones, old transportation displays, special exhibits. The museum also offers seasonal train tours.

Car exhibits encompass over 400 muscle, vintage, TV and Movie cars. If you have ever been interested how the vehicle from your favourite film looks like, then a visit to TV-Movie Cars is a must. Volo Auto Museum houses one of the best collections of Hollywood cars in the world. Duesenberg Room presents the collection of elegant vintage cars with impressive design and gorgeous look. The collection of the most useless but original vehicles is found at Bizarre Cars Section. Have a look at the cars of the Hollywood elite by visiting Cars of the Rich and Famous. The cars of Britney's Spears, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan and many many other stars and athletes can be viewed here. Special interest cars invite to have a back seat of a Formula race car and trace the history of racing cars in general.

Classic cars make up another group of the Volo Auto Museum combining the most bright representatives of automotive revolution from the beginning of the twentieth century to the 1970s. Over 300 classics are displayed here, among them are muscle cars, fins and deco of the 1950's and pre-war antiques.

For kids the museum offers lots of attractions: 3 Batman's cars, Warner Brothers Gallery, chance to have one of the 30 kiddie rides, Vintage Animatronics, cars for kids from most famous and favourite cartoons, Disney Gallery with the scenes put as in a movie. Three Vignette Theaters are great places to have a rest and enjoy short videos. Vintage arcades will be interesting for adults as well.

The section of the vintage transportation includes stagecoach, tractors, scooters, antique outboard motors, vintage bicycles, motorcycles, monster trucks, snowmobiles, trains and vintage campers.

Special exhibits include military exhibit, the first display, music machines, vintage ads, automotive memorabilia and much more.

The museum is open daily: 10am - 5pm

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