The Tallahassee Automobile Museum

Placed in Tallahassee, Florida the Tallahassee Automobile Museum was started by DeVoe Moore's initiative to gather his vehicles in one place and share his love to them with the public. The collectibles are treated here in a special way as though they were pieces of art.

Opened in 1994, the museum is considered a non-profit institution providing an educational program for the public. It is especially highly valued for its significance in preserving the automotive history and influence on younger generation.

In 1999, the museum got the AACA First Place Award: #1 Museum in the United States for the Preservation of Antique Cars!

The current exhibition area of the museum has 100,000 square feet with two floors of mostly American cars. The styles and ages range from one of the oldest cars produced in the USA (an 1894 Duryea) to a 2010 Camaro customized to look like a Pontiac Trans Am. The collection also features the 1860 horse-drawn funeral hearse reported to have carried Abraham Lincoln, three Batmobiles, 20 national champion cars and many other exclusive vehicles.

In addition to cars the museum showcases a number of other notable vehicles and items that include Case knives and outboard motors dating back to 1908, Florida fishing lures, adding machines of 1864, antique brass cash registers and electrical fans, Native American artifacts, antique golf collections baseball card collections, motorbikes, pedal cars, and sports memorabilia.

To the smaller collection belong baby bottles and rattles, can openers, telephones, typewriters, slot machines, pocket watches, spark plugs and others. One more attraction of the museum is the collection of Steinway pianos, some of which are the Peace Piano, the Chihuly Art Piano and the Alma.

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