The Owls Head Transportation Museum

The Owls Head Transportation Museum offers a unique opportunity to experience the history of past eras regarding the aircraft and automobile industry. Since the year of its foundation in 1974, the institution has been dedicated to educational and informational targets, preserving and showcasing the American motor history to the public.

The Owls Head Transportation Museum is located on the Maine coast near the Knox County Regional Airport. Being easy accessible and quite spacious, it contains the collections of ground vehicles, engines and aircraft. The work and strength of a large volunteer team and the staff makes the functioning of the vehicles and the museum in general possible. They also do a great job enabling the participation of the collections in different events.

The museum was started by the initiative of Tom Watson, the head of IBM and the owner of grass strip in sight of the Camden Hills, who suggested Jim Rockefeller uniting their hobbies in aircraft and making some air show with old airplanes flying around Owls Head.

But later the Lang and Rockefeller were about to found a rally displaying cars, old planes and engines to attract more public. In 1975 it took place for the first time featuring a 1912 Curtiss Pusher, a Stanley Steamer, high wheel bicycles, old engines and antique cars. This great event actually was the starting point of the museum's growth. For a short period of time the collection has grown from a few vehicles into a well-known museum which exhibiting items in combination with professionalism of museum workers stand out among other alike establishments.

Most of the collection is made up of pre-1940 ground vehicles, aircraft and related technology. Muscle cars, custom motorcycles, jet aircraft, commercial vehicles and other types of machinery are often exhibited at the outdoor exhibit area, which is the north end of Runway 17. The vehicles are not standing still, they are displayed in action that evokes excitement and pleasant memories for older generations.

The complete list of exhibited items can be seen on the official website.

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