The National Motorcycle Museum

As the motorcycle industry changes with technology, we believe it is critical that we continue to invest in vintage bikes, memorabilia, enhanced exhibits, facilities, infrastructure and quality people. Only by investing in these things can we continue to provide our visitors with the best overall history and preservation of the motorcycle industry. By far, it is through generous donations that we are able to Ā«tell the storiesĀ» about motorcycling and the motorcyclists who love the freedom provided by two wheels. With your support, especially these past three years,we have grown our collection from 40 motorcycles to over 170, many of these on loan from private collectors from around the world. The collection of memorabilia, antique motorcycle toys, photos and posters has also grown extensively. We encourage you to consider making a donation, arrange to loan us a vintage bike for display, or visit with us about the many ways you can become actively involved with Museum projects.
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