The Muckleburgh Collection

When first opened the museum consisted of a few exhibits and a small room describing the camp history. The Collection has since grown to over 120 tanks, guns and vehicles in addition to thousands of other items. The vehicles on display have come from far and wide; Russia, Norway, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Holland, Eire, Syria, Kuwait, Israel, the Falkland Islands, the United States and Iraq. Most of The Collection\'s vehicles have undergone restoration to ensure they are kept in working order. Other fine exhibits include historic memorabilia from The Suffolk and Norfolk Yeomanry, RAF Reconnaissance, Air Sea Rescue and Marine Craft, and a unique collection of naval and civilian ship models. There is a Restaurant and Shop and visitors have the opportunity of seeing a tank demonstration and of enjoying a bumpy coastal ride in an American Gama Goat personnel carrier. A children’s play area and picnic site give all members of the family an exciting day out.
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