The Cole Land Transportation Museum

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is a great place to visit for a family or a group as it holds an educational and entertainment purpose. A visit here is a great way to enrich your knowledge, get a deep look at how the things were and get inspiration.

The collection of the museum is focused on the Maine's land transportation equipment. In addition U.S. military memorabilia is paid a great attention to, it tends to show how priceless was life and work of people during the period of WWII and how hard people made their efforts on the way to success and development.

The featured exhibits include the Maine Central Caboose, originally built for Western Maryland Railroad in 1878. In 1962 it was sold to Maine Central Railroad. Almost all caboose cars were retired in 1987 when the railroad was bought by Guilford Industries. Later it was restored completely. Now it can be climbed on and a visitor come feel himself coming back in past.

The Cole Land Transportation Museum is an important part of the Main Land Transportation Trail that includes the museums with antique vehicle collections and aims to provide a deeper look into the motor history of the State of Maine.

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