TX Dallas to Palo Duro Canyon


This part of Texas is mostly flat, but there are some hills and curves on the way to Palo Duro. You’ll pass huge cattle ranches, fields of windmills, and countless oil and gas wells. Be prepared for the smells that go with all of those. Small towns won’t have fancy accommodations, but you’ll always find clean, inexpensive rooms, and food is never a problem. Ask a local for the best place to eat and chat up the folks you meet at the restaurant. Texans love to talk.


This isn’t a challenging ride for the most part, and any bike will be fine for the trip. Texas roads are usually well-paved and speed limits are high. Attention is required at all times due to large, slow trucks, tractors, animals darting across the road, and speed traps in small towns. In more remote areas, stop for gas when you have a chance, even if your tank is half-full. You may not have another opportunity before you run dry. Bring plenty of water, especially in the summer. 


Travel Texas, www.traveltexas.com

Palo Duro Canyon State Park


The Big Texan Steak Ranch, www.bigtexan.com

Cadillac Ranch, www.tinyurl.com/cadillac-ranch-art 

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