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Whether you love carving the twisty roads or cruising the open highway, the Johnson City area is for you! Located near some of the best motorcycling roads in the U.S., Johnson City is a fantastic option for a riding getaway. The town’s nightlife will keep you entertained once you park for the evening, with plenty of great restaurants and bars to choose from. There are a variety of hiking trails, waterfalls, and overlooks that you can ride to.     

Roads & Biking

 There is truly a variety of tarmac for you to explore in this area. To the west, you’ll find more open spaces with long stretches of highway, and to the east you’ll find tighter roads with more twists and turns. Road conditions are generally good, but keep an eye on gravel driveway washouts and vehicles turning around blind corners. There is one short stretch (about a mile) of gravel road to get to the Roan High Bluff Cloudland Trail, but it is easy and doable on any type of motorcycle.    


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