Stahls Automotive Foundation

The Stahls Automotive Foundation is located in Chesterfield, MI and houses about 80 vintage vehicles that serve a good historic basis for the older and younger generations. They provide a vivid view of how the automotive industry developed and influenced the economy and social life of America. The museum is a magnificent place to get inspiration and understanding how the things changed in the course of industrial revolution.

The automobile collection is really huge and includes the vehicles grouped according to the eras of their production: veteran era, brass era, vintage era, pre-war era, post-war era, performance era and movie cars. The oldest vehicle in the museum is 1800s HD Abel Ice Wagon that delivered ice for iceboxes before people widely started using refrigerators. In general the collection reaches up to the year 1967, almost two centuries are presented on a vast exhibition area.

The collection of music machines includes Imhof & Mukle Barrel Organ of 1880, Wurlitzer Style 28-B Pianorchestar 1910, Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ, Mills Deluxe Violino-Virtuoso 1924, Mortier 97 Key Dance Organ 1924, Hupfeld Phonoliszt - Violina 1926 and Mortier Cafe Organ 1930.

One more collection on display in the Stahls Automotive Foundation is the one of gas pumps, signs and memorabilia.

In short words each item is unique and holds a small piece of history. All the vehicles had been selected according to their engineering and design novelty to the period they were manufactured. No two items alike. Visit the museum and gain unvaluable insight into the history of automotive industry.

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