Sammy Miller Museum

Welcome to the Sammy Miller Museum which many consider houses the finest collection of fully-restored motorcycles in Europe; many of them extremely rare. Unlike most other museums, this is more than a static collection, to be dusted and polished at regular intervals and displayed like butterflies with pins through them. This is a live museum, for whenever the opportunity presents itself these machines are run in classic bike events of one kind or another. Many of the racing machines are still fully competitive and capable of giving a good account of themselves in high speed parades. Like any good museum, the contents are changing constantly. Virtually every new aquisition represents a full-scale renovation, with the attendant difficulty in finding missing parts or replacements to exchange for those that are badly worn. New exhibits are being sought all the time, so if you know of anything that is worth rescuing, please let us know and we will follow it up. Apart from the motorcycles on display you will also see many interesting artifacts, all of which represent a link with motorcycling of a by-gone era. Unfortunately they are too numerous to list individually, but wherever possible a display card has been provided as a means of identification.
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