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3h 31 min
122 mile

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Here you can write a more detailed description of the tour

Ruta d'embassaments

Here you can write a more detailed description of the tour

Montsonís, Catalonia, Spain

Carrer dels Corrals, Agramunt, Cataluña, ES, 25317

Being the castle most antique of the zone, it has been declared Historical and Artistic Monument of National Interest. De Miguels open their fortress to visitors, who eagerly desire to travel to the past. A journey to the time of the reconquest: the resettlement of the Christians is at risk, and the Castle of Montclar defends the borderline between the 'old' Catalonia and the 'new'…The history has stayed behind forever, but it is written on the stones of the castle.

Avinguda de l'Esport, Masia Tarragona, Castellserà, Spain

Enjoy the adventure:

The first corn laberynth in the province of Lleida.

Is a place of relaxation wheres is lots of paths, some of them dead, some do you go back ... Lots of corn we can not see beyond ... would we be able to find out?

A little bit of history...

The tradition:

There is a corn laberynth tradition in USA. Also in lots of countries like France. In Masia l'Esperança, with the accomodation house Cal Tonet.

This activity is framed within the promoted activities of Castells de Lleida, in Montsonís, that energize inland and complement the rest of entertainment and cultural activities (music concerts in castles, rural houses,l tasting wines, ...).


The labyrinth is located in Masia l'Esperança, a "masia" in the village of Castellserà (Urgell - Lleida). In addition the property offers the opportunity to make your stay in accommodation with pool:

Cal tonet: 4-7 people

Masia Forcat, Cubells, Spain

A Lleida va haver-hi un front molt important durant la Guerra Civil Espanyola: El Front del Segre. Les batalles més fortes van passar durant els mesos d’abril a desembre del 1938. La guerra i els seus vestigis van ser afectats per les característiques úniques de la zona: les muntanyes, centrals hidroelèctriques, el fred i calor...

LV-9049, els Xalets de la Solana, Torre de l'Isidret, Camarasa, Spain

C-13, Camarasa, Spain

LV-9121, Llimiana, Cataluña, ES

Camí de Mata-solana, Gavet de la Conca, Cataluña, ES

LP-9132, Vilanova de Meià, Cataluña, ES

C-Carretera d'Artesa a Isona i Tremp L-512 74, Artesa de Segre, Cataluña, ES, 25739

Camí d'Artesa de Segra a Rubió de Baix, Foradada, Cataluña, ES

Carretera de la Vall del Prat, Alòs de Balaguer, Cataluña, ES

LV-9137, Foradada, Cataluña, ES

L-913, Vilanova de Meià, Cataluña, ES

LV-9038, Foradada, Cataluña, ES, 25317

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