Ride to Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego

«Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina, is a beautiful archipelago on the southern tip of the continent. This area belongs to Patagonia, and covers several islands and cities, among them the famous city of Ushuaia.

Patagonia is a territory divided between Argentina and Chile, both sides with unforgettable attractions for any nature lover and wildlife, are landscapes that look like paintings, true works of art carved from glaciers, rivers, lagoons and rock towers with the snowy peaks, not to mention the gracious residents who bring even more life, penguins, whales, lions and sea lions. „

Starting on December 27, 2018, twenty-four (24) days of pure adventure in a ride of approximately thirteen thousand (13,500) kilometers, and where Ushuaia and Patagonia will be explored at their points of interest by motorcyclists in search of beautiful landscapes, diversity, cultural wealth and, above all, freedom.

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