Old Spokes Auto Museum

The Home of the Hudson, Old Spokes Auto Museum, is a private collection of some classic vehicles including except Hudson, Essex and Terraplane automobiles.

The highlights of the collection include an 1957 Hornet Hollywood, right hand drive Pioneer-bodied roadsters, a limousine with funnels and an 1924 sedan. 1954 Hornet represents the last year of Hudson before it formed American Motors with Nash. Other Hudson vehicles on the display are an 1955-6-7 AMC.

During World War II Hudson built machinery related to the time thus the Invader 168 marine engines appeared. These enormously-sized monsters have 2000 cubic inch 6-cylinders and are static on a display. "Axle Flex" and a few complete automotive engines, such as an AMC era 327 V8 and a NASCAR winning Twin-H-Power 308 straight six, "Doc" Hudson from the Pixar movie are also on a display.

Advertisements, showroom banners, photographs and other memorabilia items are displayed in addition to vehicles.

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