Nuits-Saint-Georges to Vinon-sur-Verdon(RN)

This was day 2 with only 304mls to cover to our destination so we planned to take a more interesting and scenic route.  The weather was awful with heavy rain from Nuits Saint Georges to beyond Grenoble.  Having left the toll roads behind at Lyon the roads are certainly more interesting with plenty of winding roads, climbs and descents, if only the rain would stop and we could see where we were?  We planned to intercept the Route Napoleon south bound from Grenoble to Sisteron (approx a 120mls section).Climbing now on the N85 the rain stopped and the view really improved.  Higher still the temp dropped right off and we were getting near the snow line so time for lunch and a warm up. Picture 1 is a view from a roadside cafe, unfortunately the snow is hidden by the low cloud!Last few hours to go and the sun came out, the temperature started to rise and we started to dry out.  Although we had left the N85 the roads are really good with fantastic views.We arrived at Vinon-sur-Verdon  about 16:00 local none the worse, If anybody is thinking of getting an Air-hawk seat cushion, don't hesitate they are great. 
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