National Motor Museum

The National Motor Museum is the recognised centre in Australia for the research, recording and preservation of all aspects of Australia’s road motor transport history. With a collection comprising 400 cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, the National Motor Museum is home to an internationally acclaimed collection of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles. But the collection is about more than the vehicles; it is also about the people behind the vehicles. The owners, drivers and designers of vehicles as well as those who helped build and sell them. Here you can inspect the vehicles that helped to shape both Australia’s motoring and social history and discover some of the unique stories behind them. Since 1965 millions of people have enjoyed discovering their motoring heritage at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood, South Australia. As an international centre for the collection, research, preservation, education and display of Australian road transport history, the National Motor Museum is much more than a collection of vehicles. It is a social history of the way we were, the way we are now and the way of the future.
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