National Automotive & Truck Museum

National Automotive & Truck Museum (NATMUS) is located in a former factory building of the Auburn Automobile Company in Auburn, Indiana.

NATMUS is a museum with the emphasis on post World War 2 cars and trucks. In total about 75 cars are on display. The museum also features the vehicles from 1908, from highwheelers pickups. Here you will also find a model car and truck toy museum.

The NATMUS's mission is to present cars built in the tradition of the Auburn Automobile Company including the outstanding examples of post war cars.

The truck heritage of the city of Auburn and its company which built a full range of trucks from 1907 to 1915 is recognised here with the exhibits ranging from 1907 to modern cars and trucks.

Visiting the NATMUS museum you have a chance to travel back in time and evoke pleasant memories of being a child and sitting on a back seat of a classic car.

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