Muscle Car City

With the general display area of 99,000 square foot the Muscle Car City museum is a tremendous collection of over 200 vintage muscle cars spanning the period of ’50s to early ’70s, classic cars and hot rods.

The museum was started with a great Rick Treworgy's life dream whose enormous enthusiasm after years had grown into Muscle Car City. It took him about 40 years of constant strength to gather the unique examples of vintage cars. Before Rick could afford to buy the place to display his collection, which is Wal-Mart, his hobby had economic background. He bought, restored and sold vintage cars.

Now the collection of the museum includes GM Performance Cars Z-28 Camaros, 396 Camaros, SS El Caminos, Pontiac GTOs, SS Chevelles, Big Block Impalas, Oldsmobile 442s and a big number of Antique Chevys and Hot Rods. The museum houses a really huge memorabilia store, a perfect place to make a purchase of an old thing reminding of previous eras.

Muscle Car City offers a comfortable place to restore your strength at the Muscle Car City Diner. The  cafe is in a retro style of 1960s and has a great menu.

At the Car Corral you can buy hot rods and other high-performance cars. In case you need a restoration part to your car, you can visit the muscle car, rod and performance shop. Over 450 manufacturers present here their products, so it won't be difficult to find the necessary item for your vehicle.

The exhibits are changing from time to time so it's never boring to come back here again.

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