Mullin Automotive Museum

The Chandler Vintage Museum of Transportation and Wildlife or The Vintage Museum as it's better known was the original exhibition place for Otis Chandler’s collections that assembled motorcycles, cars, trains, fine art and wildlife game. It's history dates back to the year 1987.

In 2006 the collection however was auctioned in the result of Chandler's death.

Now this museum is known as the Mullin Automotive Museum and was reopened in 2010. The central point of the museum is  Peter Mullin Collection with its 12 Bugattis from the former Schlumpf collection.

The automobiles that make up the collection are antique, rare classic and sports cars. Some of the featured display items of the past were a Mack truck, an Ahrens-Fox pumper fire truck and a Baldwin steam locomotive from 1894.

The motorcycle collection is enormous as well. The machines of over 50 manufacturers are represented here.

The museum is primarily focuses on French automotive industry and tends to make a great contribution to automotive design and art.

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