Mercedes-Benz Museum

As inventors of the automobile, we are aware of our responsibilities. Our pursuit of perfection and passion for building cars have been an established tradition for 120 years. This tradition was extended in unique fashion in May 2006. At the birthplace of the automobile, Mercedes‑Benz stages an exciting journey through history, enabling you to experience the identity and legend of the brand. For more than 120 years Mercedes-Benz has remained ahead of its time as a driver of innovation in the fields of safety, comfort and sustainability. We bring this progressive spirit to life for you. The Mercedes-Benz Museum opens up new horizons and combines living history and future innovation in a unique architectural space. The inventor of the automobile has created a destination unlike any other in the tourist industry. Experience with friends the unique automotive history on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart – includes the team coach of the 1974 World Cup winners and many other highlights. Let yourself be captivated by the past, present and future of mobility. Explore our automotive icons on nine levels and 16,500 square metres of floor space in chronologically arranged Legend rooms or themed Collection rooms that span every era of recent history. Both tours spiral downwards in a double helix to a common destination: the innovations of the future displayed in the Fascination of Technology area. The permanent exhibition and changing special displays ensure there is always something new to discover.
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