Larz Anderson Auto Museum

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum is famous for its "America’s Oldest Car Collection" that for almost a century has provided the community with exhibits, educational programs and seminars. The museum not only displays but also preserves the historic automobile heritage that is a vital task for preserving public's interest in history.

The museum was started by Larz Anderson and his wife Isabel, who being wealth people established a Sunday tradition at the Weld Estate, their Brookline, Massachusetts home. The public came to the Carriage House to see the amazing collection of European and American vehicles. The family's first purchase, an 1899 Winton 4-hp Runabout, is also present here. Larz and Isabel had a very big interest in cars, so their collection was renewed almost every year, older cars retired to the Carriage House. In total their collection includes 32 brand new motorcars and horse-drawn carriages which after Isabel's passing in 1948 were entrusted to the Veteran Motor Car Club of America. Later the club founded the nonprofit organization which is now the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. In October 1949 the museum was opened to the public where other interested could display their vintage vehicles and spend great leisure time on the Polo Field.

The ground itself is a very romantic place. It attracts with its beauty and is perfect for walking and picnicking.

The static display at the Carriage House enumerates 14 cars, 24 carriages and six sleighs.

Since the museum was opened, it has grown into an important educational institution in New England providing a number of events, walking tours and informative lectures.

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