\"L\'Épopée de la moto\" museum

The Museum is the property of brothers François and Jean Gagnon and is the fruit of a long-standing passion shared by both brothers who have been collecting motorcycles for over 30 years. Their goal is to assemble a collection containing specimens from each period. Today, their exceptional collection contains 140 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, of which 100 are currently on display. With any luck, you will run into the model you had (or whished for!) when you were 18… the one you never forgot! Our entire team is dedicated to collecting, conserving and displaying all facets of the history of motorcycling in Quebec. The Gagnon brothers’ hope is that their Museum will become the keeper of Quebec motorcycling history, as well as a choice destination for summer travellers. We look forward to having you visit our fascinating exhibits and enjoy the lovely scenery of the Chaudière-Appalaches country roads.
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