Kokomo Automotive Museum

Kokomo Automotive Museum is a great destination point to enrich oneself educationally and let memories overflow. The museum centers around the history of automotive industry in the region and nationwide. Its collection includes about 100 exclusive cars that represent different periods of the past and are considered as not only machines but as true works of art.

The Haynes and Apperson cars have a special place in the Kokomo Automotive Museum. These are very rare cars and there are only three of them. One of the cars is the 1902 Haynes-Apperson runabout restored in 1970s. The other is Haynes machine is the 1923 Haynes Model 55 sport sedan, the only representative of its kind in the world. And the third one is owned by the museum: a 1923 Haynes Model 75 touring car.

In addition to these unique exhibits the museum also displays a replica of the 1894 Haynes Pioneer as it appeared c.1896, a 1900 Haynes-Apperson runabout, a 1917 Haynes truck, a 1915 Apperson Jackrabbit roadster,  a 1918 Haynes Cloverleaf roadster, a pair of 1921 Haynes touring cars,  a 1919 Haynes chassis, a 1923 Apperson touring car, and a very rare 1924 Haynes Model 60 touring car.

The displayed items are ranging from the period of horseless carriages, through the Ford Model T, the glorious Full Classics of the '30s, the futuristic streamliners of the '40s, the finned chrome-laden chariots of the '50s and to the roar of '60s muscle cars.

To imagine the full picture of past era the only machines are not enough. Memorabilia is also of a special interest and encompasses clothing, vintage advertising, automobile signage and lots of other things.

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