Harley-Davidson Museum

Nearly 105 years in the making, the Harley-Davidson Museum, located near downtown Milwaukee, opened its doors to the public on Saturday, July 12, 2008. The 130,000-square-foot Museum adds a new dimension to the Harley-Davidson experience. Visitors get a feel for the freedom, camaraderie and pride that Harley-Davidson riders experience every time they fire up their motorcycles. Every gallery and exhibit is a testimony to the legendary bikes, the people who built them and, of course, every individual who ever felt their powerful rumble on a long stretch of asphalt. At the H-D Museum you can: - Walk through exhibits that tell the stories of the extraordinary people, products, history and culture of Harley-Davidson. In addition to the fantastic motorcycle collection, stories are told through photos, videos, apparel, rare documents and other artifacts. - Peek into a portion of the Archives never before open to the public, home to over 450 motorcycles and thousands of artifacts the Archives team pulls from for exhibits. - Read the personalized messages created by individuals worldwide on the Living the Legend rivets, found on the Living the Legend walls and plazas. - Stroll around the 20 acre Museum site, enjoy the riverwalk or just sit back along the waterfront taking in the Milwaukee skyline. - Check out the unique Museum-inspired items at The Shop. - Examine the industrial architecture and attention to detail both inside and outside the Museum\'s three buildings.
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