Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Being a birthplace of the Ford Model T, the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is considered to be a historic place. Built in 1904, the building got several recognitions, one of which is a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 2006 due to its significance in the automotive industry. It symbolizes a rapid and firm progress in car industry.

Being the second home for Ford Motor Company, the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is the only open to the public oldest car factory. Henry Ford implemented here his view on further car production that based on an economic car model affordable to the majority of public..

Released in 1908 the Ford Model T put the new start of automobile production not only in America but in the whole world. Being quite affordable, easy to operate and repair it quickly became a hit among other cars of that period.

Detroit is proud to preserve such a symbol of people's strength for innovation and  invention. Being here makes you notice every detail, feel the atmosphere of devoted work of the workers and Ford himself. Here you can observe the enormous efforts of local volunteers enabling this historic building function and hold its educational projects.

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is open for all irrespective of age and tastes. As it holds educational programs, the museum is a perfect destination point for school and group trips.

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