Eastern Museum of Motor Racing

The museum is built on a wooded hillside overlooking the historic Latimore Valley Fairgrounds and Racetrack near York Springs, Pa. Along with establishing one the the premier racing museums in the country, the 40 acre fairgrounds and racetrack were also passionately restored to their original beauty. This creates an almost magical atmosphere that makes EMMR a \"living museum\". Several times each year EMMR holds public events where these historic cars are again brought to life and can be seen as they were meant to be seen ... On the Racetrack! Along with these vintage racecars, friends, families, fans and competitors alike reunite to reminisce about the glory days of yesterday. Not only do they relive fond memories and renew old friendships, they create new ones for the generations that follow. Whether you are walking through the museum, the fairgrounds, or the infield of the racetrack, you can often hear first-hand accounts from some of the very men who became legends in these machines. Become a member of EMMR today and help to preserve that history. EMMR is a living museum! The museum is a constant work in progress and new cars and display items are added often. This means every time you visit EMMR, you\'ll find something new to enjoy!
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