Classic Car Collection, Kearney

Welcome to the Classic Car Collection with over two hundred of precious automotive examples spanning the period from the 1900s up to modern times. A number of styles and tastes, renovated and original, these vehicles may evoke pleasant memories by elderly people and teach younger of past times.

The core of the collection is the one presented in 2011 by Bernie and Janice Taulborg. The other part is borrowed from other museums for a change. So there is always something new to see.

The usual work of the museum wouldn't be possible without devoted work of the museum's volunteers and donations from friends.

As it's a non-profit organisation, the museum is pleased by getting any support from the community and provides in its turn an important educational program regarding the evolution of automotive industry. All the changes are shown in the smallest details. Here you will see a 1950’s gas station and other technical devices that changed our world. Other displays include the Drive-In Theater with the original ticket booth from the local Kearney Drive-In. The displays have video screens that demonstrate the historical background of the past and recent events.

Some of the featured exhibits include 1938 Rolls Royce Wraith Limo, a 1930 Convertible by LeBaron, two Locomobiles and three Pierce Arrows, two rare Lincolns from the Full Classic era. Packard, Buick, Cadillac and LaSalle automobiles are also very distinctive items of the collection.

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