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Just a few kms out of Chania, it’s the impressive and narrow Theriso Gorge (14 kms) which leads to village of Theriso. Theriso is a historic village and the birthplace of the mother of Eleftherios Venizelos. In 1905, Venizelos organised the Revolutionary Assembly in the village that ousted Prince George of Greece and precipitated the independence of Crete and its union with Greece. In the village square there is a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos. Inside this small village also stands the Eleftherios Venizelos Centre for Independence and the Therisos National Resistance Museum, both of which accept visitors.

Continue south from the square and follow the signs to Zourva following a route with great views to Chania area. Soon you will find yourself in the village of Meskla. You must turn right but there is no sign, so give a look at the map above. If you miss it you will get in the village of Fournes and there follow the signs to Omalos. It’s a small detour, don’t worry.

The road after Lakkoi village is really great and new with great views towards Chania. Soon enough you will find yourself in the Omalos plateau. There is no point to visit Samaria Gorge entrance, as you will pass the gorge and you will have plenty time for this. So continue west and then south towards Sougia.

Sougia is a small village with a great huge rocky beach. You can enjoy coffee and swimming there… If you like hiking, there is a small beach near, one of my favorites. It’s called Lissos and one of the beautiful things in this beach is the Ancient Lissos that it’s actually on the beach! It’s really unique to swim around ancient staff. Note that you will need about 1:30 hour walking to reach Lissos. The path starts from Sougia port, west of the village. Also there is an option to go there by boat, but you have to ask to the village for that.

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