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3h 2 min
109 mile

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Here you can write a more detailed description of the tour

Castells i pobles amb encant

Here you can write a more detailed description of the tour

Montsonís, Catalonia, Spain

Wander, enjoy and rest in Montsonís.The charming medieval town and rural tranquility. He sleeps in the shelter of the fort and walk the cobbled streets. Participates in different activities, visit the castle and try the local produce.

LV-3021, Artesa de Segre, Cataluña, ES, 25739

C-Carretera de Tàrrega a Agramunt i Artesa de Segre C-14 75, Agramunt, Cataluña, ES, 25318

Carrer de l'Església, Ossó de Sió, Cataluña, ES

Passeig de Jaume Balmes, Cervera, Cataluña, ES, 25200

Passatge del Portalet, LES OLUGES, Spain

Carretera de Cervera a Sant Guim de Freixenet, Ribera d'Ondara, Cataluña, ES

The only town in Catalonia with the original wall since 11th century.

Carrer Major, Sant Ramon, Cataluña, ES

LV-3003, Ivorra, Cataluña, ES

LV-3003, Ivorra, Cataluña, ES

Carrer dels Ilergets, Torà, Cataluña, ES

Carretera de Guissona a Solsona, Biosca, Cataluña, ES

Passeig de Ronda, Sanaüja, Cataluña, ES

LV-3141, Vilanova de l'Aguda, Cataluña, ES, 25749

Carrer de la Mare de Déu de Solers, Tiurana, Cataluña, ES

Tota la tranquil·litat de Tiurana, la seva gastronomia i el seu encant.

Eix Salou - Andorra C-14, Basella, Cataluña, ES

Carretera de Peramola a la Torre de Rialb i Bellfort, Peramola, Cataluña, ES

Carretera de Peramola a la Torre de Rialb i Bellfort, la Baronia de Rialb, Cataluña, ES

C-74 Carretera de Ponts a Tremp C-1412b, Cabana del Torre, Artesa de Segre, Spain

C-Carretera d'Artesa de Segre a Tremp L-512 74, Artesa de Segre, Cataluña, ES

C-Carretera d'Artesa a Isona i Tremp L-512 74, Artesa de Segre, Cataluña, ES, 25739

LV-9038, Foradada, Cataluña, ES, 25317

Casa Alejandro -

Cal Alejandro is a house with history. Constructed during the XII century, when the village of Montsonís began to grow, the appearance of the houses has been changing throughout the years.

An engraving on the main door indicates that the house acquired its actual appearance in 1887; in spite of the remodelling, the structures reminiscent of the past are still visible. As an annex to Cal Alejandro, a watch tower of the ancient wall has been converted into a winepress, and used later as a rain tank for water.

Cal Alejandro is now a great house. All of the rooms have magnificent views. Those viewing the main street take us back to past times. The Castle, the stone streets, the stone houses of the neighbourhood, and the tranquillity of the village give it charm. And on the other hand, we can choose to view the Valley of the Segre by staying in the rooms oriented towards the South.
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