British Motor Museum

A warm welcome to the largest collection of historic British cars in the world that is presented in British Motor Museum. Nearby a wide range of car models beginning from the very first ones there is a number of other objects related to the history of British car industry: films, photographs, technical records, articles and so on. There is a great chance not only to deepen into the past of car industry but also to get to know better people’s life at those times.

The museum provides a nice day off for both children and grown-ups, here many kinds of entertainment can be found suitable for all. Most favourite are ‘Time Road’ and ‘Under the Skin’.

The museum includes lots of displays, each having a special theme and regarding to a certain time. The Time Road display opens the whole panorama of British motor industry beginning in 1896. Here one will see how the things were changing (cars, roads, fashion) and when some of them took place for the first time.

Design and Concepts area displays a wide range of prototype vehicles that were designed but were never in production. The Triumph Lynx and the MG EX-E concept car are some of the examples. The section with sports cars displays the most loved British models such as Triumph, Aston Martin, Morgan, McLaren and Lotus. One can get a closer look at the manufacturers, famous people of those time and interesting facts with the help of the touch screen.

The Jaguar Heritage Trust presents the most prominent sports and racing cars of the brand. The collection includes 150 historic vehicles. Some of them which are on a static display are a 1950 Jaguar XK120 to the 1988 Le Mans winning Jaguar XJR-9, the only surviving D-type prototype from 1954 and the XJ13 and a 1953 Jaguar C-type. With the help of touch screen visitors can get more detailed information as to the history and development of the brand.

The Land Rover display includes a tracked Land Rover ‘Cuthbertson’, a 1968 series IIa SAS ‘Pink Panther’, the Range Stormer concept car and the very first Range Rover off the production line. The next section Making British Cars features the description of British motor industry, technology, development of some car companies.

The ‘Under the Skin’ zone is interactive and is very interesting for both kids and adults as it shows the “inner” world of a car.

The Featured Displays include Film & TV Cars Zone, Gas Turbine, Record Breakers and Royal Cars.

The Period Displays include John Carter’s Garage, Motoring Cinema and William Morris.

British Motor Museum also offers special tours for visitors with the duration of 45 min beginning at 11.15am and 2.15pm at the Information Desk.

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