August Horch Museum

When you visit the website of the August Horch Museum the first thing that impresses is a separate page for concept. It informs about the main tasks and the principles of operation of the museum. The main concept of the museum is to work in three leading directions: culture, education and maintenance of historical vehicles. The stress is laid on the automotive production in Zwickau and western Saxony. With the aim to show public the industry development in this sphere the museum collects and restores autos of the region.

The educational mission of the museum is that it's responsible for automotive region Zwickau. It accepts entertainment, education and free time offers thus meeting the needs of the target groups and making an essential contribution to the cultural life of the city. The museums hosts seminars both internal and external.

When visiting the August Horch Museum we are opened the panorama of more than 110-year history. We have a chance to view it not only from a technical perspective but from political, social and economical perspectives as well.

The foundation of the August Horch & Cie. Motorenwagenwerke A.G. in 1904 by August Horch starts the represented historic period of the permanent exhibition. The oldest representative of the collection is a Horch 14-17 PS from 1904. When following further you'll observe the luxurious Horch cars of the 1930’s. The peculiarities of auto production during the war times is paid a great attention to here in the museum.

The basement of the museum has displays concerning the individual motorisation in the 1920's and 30's, the common distribution and marketing of the Auto Union, the development of more powerful engines, leisure time and mobility in the 1930's.

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