Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum

Although the majority of the collection is Cars, the Museum also houses an impressive collection of Lorries, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Push bikes, a large selection of vehicle manuals and other archive material, and a large collection of motor memorabilia. Since 1990 the collection has included vehicles on special loan. This allows exhibits to be changed periodically, which encourages regular visitors to return to the Museum. Effort has also been made to provide related data, so that visitors can enjoy not only what is on display, but also discover a wealth of knowledge, technical detail, and in some cases, humorous, historical or little-known facts relating to the exhibits. The contents are varied, from a number of everyday classics, to rare cars and lorries. Amongst these are a 1934 Alvis Speed 20, 1938 Daimler EL24, 1953 Allard Palm Beach, (complete with a rarely seen, Dodge Red Ram engine), and a 1951 Dennis Fire Engine. Richard Atwell has always had a strong interest in North American cars, so there is an interesting array of Ford, GM, and Chrysler products from across “The Pond”. There is also a good variety of rare motorcycles, carrying the legendary names of Brough, BSA, HRD, Matchless, Triumph, Norton, Sunbeam, Velocette and Indian, to name but a few.
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