Arkansas Notch Southwest Tour

Texarkana is a wonderful base for a ride around the Timberland and Red River area of Southwest Arkansas. Its many restaurants, shops and accommodations offer everything riders are looking for after a day on the road. And as a destination, Texarkana has much to offer. There’s the Four States Auto Museum, the fabulous Perot Theatre, Lindsay Railroad Museum, a Haunted Texarkana Ghost Walk and many other attractions.

This ride begins in a city with a split personality. The State Line Post Office and Federal Building is divided down the middle by the state line of Arkansas and its western neighbor, Texas. It’s the only post office that sits in two states and is the second most photographed courthouse in the US. On US 71/State Line Road, the northbound traffic is in Arkansas and the southbound traffic is in Texas. The early surveyors of the town thought they were placing the city at the junction of Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. But they made a 20-mile mistake.

Out on the road, you can visit the Rondo Cemetery, a Civil War cemetery. You can visit the birthplace of Chester Lauck (“Lum” of the old Lum and Abner radio show) in Alleene or have your picture made with another film star – the Fouke Monster
from the ’70s B-movie “The Legend of Boggy Creek,” appearing daily at the Fouke Monster Mart. 

The first part of this ride loops south of Texarkana involving mostly Arkansas state highways. Here, you’ll find both winding and straight-as-an-arrow pavement. The first stretch on AR 237 and AR 160 takes you through thick bottomland, alternating between forests and farmland of the Sulphur River bottoms. Back on US 71, make your way to Fouke for your monstrous encounter.

After looping back to Texarkana, ride north on US 67 to Fulton. AR 355 north to Saratoga is very scenic with sweeping curves running across the countryside.
Ride around Millwood Lake, through Ashdown to Foreman. Take 108 east back to Ashdown. But old-time radio fans will want to jog north a mile to Alleene to see
the cabin where Chester “Lum” Lauck was born. At Ashdown, it’s only 16 miles back
to Texarkana and a relaxing evening at the region’s best restaurants. This ride will give you the true flavor of life in the Timberlands of Southwest Arkansas.
Courtesy of Arkansas Motorcycling

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