Alt Pirineu de Lleida / High Pyrenees of Lleida

The heart of the Pyrenees of Lleida, curvaceous road, idyllic landscapes and garanteed fun!
Perfect starting from the town of Sort, crossing the high Pyrenees («Alt Pirineu») to reach the «Vall d'Aran». Almost obligatory stop at the top of the «Port de la Bonaigua», and enjoy the views, that really worth.
Next stop, crossing the «Vall d'Aran», Vielha. In its historic center the are still remaining medieval houses.
Crossing the Vielha tunnel, through which it communicates with the Valley «Alta Ribagorça», you will get to Pont de Suert.
Pont de Suert has an old town where samples of the past, such as the Plaza Mayor (Plaça Major) and the market square, the old church, Romanesque and heavily modified in the eighteenth century are preserved and the Abbey Palace, beautiful example of Gothic civil rehabilitated in the late twentieth century. In widening the new church, designed by the engineer and architect «Eduardo Torroja Rodriguez Mijares» was built in 1955. It is a work of contemporary architecture, with a single nave covered with vaults rasilla.
Continue the road to «Viu de Llevata». In that village there is the Romanesque church of Santa María de Viu of Llevata and Viu of Llevata Castle.
After this, you will arrive to «Sentarada» and it follows «La Pobla de Segur».
The last km to return to Sort, compared with the rest of the route, are more calm and allow them to enjoy the views of the cliffs. It is advisable to stop the «Argenteria», a canyon area which is said that the artist Gaudi was inspired to some of his works.


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