AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame

The American Motorcycle Heritage Foundation is aimed at preserving the motorcycle heritage of the USA, promoting motorcycling and educating. With this purpose the AMA Hall of Fame has been maintained. Its main task is to praise those people who have done a great contribution to motorcycling.

The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum got its present name and location in 1999 when it moved to  AMA headquarters in Pickerington, Ohio.

The exhibits of the museum include:

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Gallery that is dedicated to prominent personalities of motorcycling history.

Toys and Collectibles - the exhibition of motorcycle sidecar toys which is the biggest in the world.

Indian Motorcycles which is believed to be the oldest motorcycle brand in the USA.

The Birth of a Hurricane is devoted to Craig Vetter who reimaged the BSA brand for the American market.

There is an annual tradition to hold a raffle that gives back one of historical motorcycles to raise money for the 501(c)(3).

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