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Søren - Road Captain BMW Klub Denmark

Saturday, November 11, 2017 @ 07:01

Tourstart is a fantastic tool for planning of your routes

”In Tourstart you have a lot of tours to choose from. Tourstart is developed in Denmark, and that is obvious when you use it. The service and support are great.”Søren Jensen

Tourstart works excellent for me. If you have planned your route from home, enjoy your ride and follow the navigator. It fits my temper to plan and consider my route. If you chose to ride wild, use Tourstart tracking and save your tour when you are back home.

I get inspired by Tourstart when I plan my tours. You see and read other users’ tours, and if you find them interesting and it fits your need, you incorporate them in your next tour.

You can easily help others find the most epic tours by making your tours public and post pictures and videos.

When you are ready to ride, you can use Tourstart as an ordinary GPS with voice guidance. Click on your destination and ride! Of course the whole tour is available on your mobile.

I use Tourstart for holidays abroad when I ride with my friends, typically between 14 – 18 days with daily rides of 2 – 400 km.

In addition I am the road captain in the BMW MC Klub Danmark and I plan the tours in the club using Tourstart. It is great to share the planned tours in the club community, to ride them and never get lost, and it is a pleasure to make them available publicly as well.

Wales 2013 Atlanterhavsvejen, Norge 2017  Maloja pass, Schweitz, 2014 Monte Negro 2015, vej P1  Veddingevej, Høve, BMW klubben april 2017 BMW MC Klub Danmark

Søren Jensen, BMW Klub Danmark, member of the board, Region Zealand

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