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Motorcyclists worldwide now can share adventures

Thursday, March 18, 2010 @ 16:41
The main question for many motorcyclists is how to get the full potential out of their motor cycle. Many re-born bikers, as well as other bikers, constantly seek ways how to optimize the fun factor having a motor cycle.

Motor cyclists throughout the world always have had the interest in driving and exploring both the local community as well as the rest of the world. The problem has always been that the sharing possibilities have been limited by the natural number of friends a biker have and the network they have created.

Many bikers like to travel long as well as short distances and in new areas, hence it was a natural consequence for Jan A. Pedersen to found The web site was created with the goal of making it possible for motorcyclist throughout the globe to become united, build friendship and share adventures.

Kicking tyres
The main question regards a possible destination appears after kicking tires in the garage and being pleased thinking about owing the bike. Straight after this appears the desire to get as much fun and adventures out of riding the bike as possible.

Many bikers use their network to get inspiration, but seen in a larger perspective, reality is that for many bikers the network is limited in one way or the other. The social network is often in the bike club or having other biker friends, but still a few sources of inspiration. On a daily basis many motor cyclists read magazines to get inspiration for a new destination or they talk with friends.

When it comes to holiday planning it gets even more troubled. To get the best and most valuable information of where and how to plan the tour, the search is often done in travel books or on the internet by browsing in general.
To solve these issues developed a social network for motor cyclists worldwide. The mindset of Tourstart is to assure the motor cyclists ride is a nice experience from starting at home until ending at home. Further many motorcyclists have a GPS device, and the Tourstart web site is both optimized for with regards for all levels of PC users, it is also having integrated comprehensive GPS functions.

“Tourstart wants to be a worldwide leading community aimed to share adventures” said Jan A. Pedersen, the founder of Tourstart, and continues “we made the web site with a lot of focus on integration with GPS and simplicity in the user interface”.

On the web site users can build their social network by creating their own bike club, plan and share activities as well as tours or simply get inspiration of riding a nice route. The aim of the web site is to provide functions and tools to enhance the social mindset and the utilization of the motorcycle.

“TourPlan is a personal dashboard tool which we have developed in order to make it easy for the members to be active on their motor cycle” says Mike Bevz who is the co-founder and project director. Also Mike Bevz highlights “As the web site will have a language specific front end, the motor cycle community is easy to use for members world wide”.

About Tourstart
TourStart is a Danish start-up company, where the basic idea of the web site was created in late 2007. It all originates from an idea of sharing adventures and establish relationships worldwide. From the start-up the idea has been refined and changed accordingly to the feed-back in the development period.

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