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Terms and conditions for purchasing on Tourstart

Sunday, September 22, 2013 @ 20:04


Tourstart ApS is a Danish company and is responsible for the websites Tourstart and Touringstart and smartphone app’s – hereafter called Tourstart – , and is committed to protect your privacy and security.

These conditions is an addition to the Legal issues related to use the services of Tourstart for mobile devices and web site. All conditions are valid for using Tourstart web and mobile services.



These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all orders submitted or to be submitted by you for any item, service or subscription offered to you on or via the Tourstart website or Tourstart smartphone application (referred to in these Terms and Conditions as the “Products”), including, but not limited to:

  • software
  • hardware

  • accompanying items and accessories including devices
  • Internet-based services or location based services, data services, real time information services, or the provision of other data, information, (third party) functionality or content, whether offered to you on a subscription basis (“Subscription”) or on a pre-paid basis and delivered in one or more parts.

Price and payment

  • Prices indicated on the website are including VAT. Shipping and handling charges (if any) will apply in addition to the price indicated on the website. You are responsible for any local sales taxes, other taxes and government levies, if any, associated with the order. Prices are subject to change at any time but will not affect orders for Hardware, software (“Software”) or Services made prior to the date of the change.
  • All orders must be paid for through the payment service as made available by Tourstart (“Payment Service”). In order to submit orders and use the Payment Service you must supply details of your preferred payment method, billing and shipping address (if applicable) and/or any other details necessary to complete the order.

  • Payment will be made instantly after acceptance of the purchase.

  • If, for whichever reason, collection through the Payment Service should fail Tourstart will invoice you by post for the amount payable, which must be paid by cheque, postal order or credit card within 15 days from the date of invoice.

Delivery and risk of loss

  • Tourstart will endeavour to deliver or activate the Product instantly of order acceptance. If multiple Products are ordered, Tourstart reserves the right to deliver or activate each Product separately.

  • Software products will be delivered electronically. The risk of loss or damage to the Products will pass to you at the moment the Products are delivered to you.

  • If you refuse or neglect to take delivery of the Products, Tourstart reserves the right to charge you for the reasonable cost of storing the Products until delivery can be made.

  • If delivery to you should fail for any reason outside of Tourstart’s control, Tourstart reserves the right to cancel the agreement and refund any monies paid.
  • If Tourstart delivers a Product to you or activates a Product on your device by mistake, you shall immediately inform Tourstart of its mistake by email via and you shall, at Tourstart’s request, immediately arrange for the return of the Product (the costs of which shall be met by Tourstart), de-install or destroy the Product.

  • Acceptance of a non-ordered Product does not relieve you from acceptance and payment of the Product you initially ordered, unless otherwise agreed with Tourstart.


Cancellation Policy Hardware

Tourstart allows you to cancel a purchase agreement for Hardware for any reason provided that it has not yet been used at any time during the 14 calendar days following the date of delivery to your delivery address, and will refund the purchase price actually paid. If you choose to cancel the purchase agreement for Hardware, you must contact Tourstart during the 14 calendar days following delivery by email via to obtain a Return Materials Authorisation number and return the Hardware in its original packaging, free of all interests, liens, or claims otherwise, to the address provided by Tourstart. Tourstart may charge you for any directly associated shipping, handling or postage costs incurred.

Cancellation Policy Software and Services

You agree that the performance of Services by Tourstart will commence immediately on Tourstart’s acceptance of your order. You will not be able to cancel such Services after such performance commences, which includes, but is not limited to, downloading, installing or activation of the Service by you.


  • After the periode which was purchsed, the account goes from active to expired. Then the customer has to renew his payment in order to continue the service from Tourstart.
  • If your Subscription is for an indefinite period of time, either you or Tourstart may terminate your Subscription by taking a notice period into account of 30 days ( your notice to be sent: by e-mail via ). This notice period starts on the first collection date after receipt of your notice of termination by Tourstart. If your Subscription is for a fixed period of time, it will automatically end upon expiration of such period of time.
  • Tourstart reserves the right to change the prices for or the terms and conditions applicable to your Subscription, subject to giving you reasonable prior notice thereof (either via email, the Tourstart website or otherwise). If such change will result in higher prices or otherwise works towards your disadvantage (but not in case the higher prices result from higher government levies or taxes), you may terminate your Subscription prior to and against the date such change comes into effect by sending an e-mail to
  • Tourstart may terminate your Subscription or a separate service within bundled Services by providing at least 30 days prior notice if Tourstart decides to discontinue offering such Subscription or such separate service respectively.
  • Tourstart may terminate or restrict your Subscription with immediate effect without notice of default being required if you fail to comply with any material term of these Terms and Conditions and other Legal Issues.
  • Upon termination of your Subscription, your License will terminate simultaneously.

The Sales of Goods Acts always follows the requirements of the Danish Sale of Goods Act.


The English version of these Terms and Conditions is the prevailing verison for your purchase.


Should you have any questions, suggestions or complaints concerning your order, your purchase, these Terms and Conditins, or if you desire to contact Tourstart for any reason, please do so by visiting Tourstart's website on or by e-mail on

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