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TomTom - Mac and transfer a motorcycle tour

Monday, May 16, 2016 @ 20:21

TomTom Rider 40/400/410 - MyDrive Connect

This FAQ is for Mac owners.

The transfer of the routes needs special software as the Mac cannot see the TomTom Rider as an external drive. The problem is in the TomTom software as this does not work well with the Mac, but this Android File Transfer software solves the problem.


  1. Install MyDrive Connect by clicking on the link
    TomTom MyDrive Connect
  2. Install Android File Transfer
    This only needs to be done one time.
    Link to the Android File Transfer

  3. Once the program is installed, you will see this icon.
    To transfer the files, you need to start the Android File Transfer

  4. Connect your TomTom Rider.
    When the Rider is connected to the PC, this screen will appear. Push "Import routes".
    After pressing "Import routes" the GPS now connect with the computer and it is possible to transfer routes.

  5. Now this screen appears
    Important - DO NOT press "Done" untli you are done transferring all routes. When this screen is shown it is possible to transfer routes in your file manager.
    TomTom Rider
  6. Find the tour you want to download, and then click "Download ITN data to TomTom" and save the tour on the TomTom Rider.
    Best to use the ITN file as the TomTom allows the route to be modified if necessary, and if downloading the GPX file this is not possible.
    ITN data download from Tourstart
  7. Find the file from Tourstart which you downloaded to your Mac.
    Transfer the file to your TomTom Rider with Finder as shown below.

  8. Press "Done" on the Rider and find the tour.
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