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iPhone app - transfer motorcycle route to gps

Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 06:16

Motorcycle route transfer from iPhone/iPad to a gps

Many motorcyclists use an iPhone or iPad, and bringing them on the holiday tour. Then the question occur, whether it is possible to transfer a motorcycle route from the iPad to the gps. This is not possible. We are sorry, but this is a decision made by Apple, and there is nothing we can do about to change that.

Why is it not possible

On the computer,  the Garmin Communicator or TomTom HOME is used to transfer the route directly into the gps, and both software programs cannot be installed on the iPad nor the iPhone.

I need an alternative - so how do I then get the ride to my gps?

There is always an alternative solution, and here are mentioned a few. As mentioned, we cannot change how Apple devloped their products, but we cannot let that stop us getting some great rides on the motorcycle.

Alternative 1) Download motorcycle routes to a gps from a computer

Direct download from a computer
When you are out travelling the option to transfer a motorcycle ride to a gps is to use a computer. Many BikerBed's or hotels have a computer where the guests can get access to the internet. Then you need to install Garmin Communicator or TomTom HOME, if you want to transfer the route direct.

Motorcycle route download to gps

Download via a SD card
It is also possible to download the route to an SD card, and then insert the SD card in to the gps. On the gps, it is possible to import the route to the gps. You need to check your user manual how to do this on your gps model. 

So, all you need todo is the following

  • Log onto your Tourstart account
  • Insert the SD card in the computer
  • Find the tour and click "Download as gpx" and save the route on the SD card.
  • Insert the SD card in the gps and import the route

Motorcycle route transfer to a SD card

Alternative 2) iPhone - use a navigator

To answer about the alternativ onthe iPhone is easy, as you can install the Tourstart app. Then you have all Tourstart functions available, and you can also use the turn-by-turn navigaiton to be guided on the entire route. 

Motorcycle app wih turn-by-turn navigation

Alternative 3) iPad - use as navigator

A few words about the iPad:

  • It is not really good for motorcycle mount.
    Even though the Tourstart app can be installed on the iPad, enabling you to use the navigation and RidePlanner, it is not a good solution.
  • There are no SD card slot
    So it is not possible to download the motorcycle routes to the SD card for inserting into the gps

So, the iPad is best for getting inspiration of motorcycle routes and events.

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