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Avoid highway when making a motorcycle route?

Sunday, September 23, 2012 @ 11:07

Can I automatically avoid highways when making a route plan on Tourstart?

Not by default. Here is the explonation. When a route on Tourstart is to be calculated between two points, a standard algorithm is used. Let us call this algorithm "Type 1 - with highway". Then you add some points and the standard algorithm "Type 1 - with highway" is used. This algorithm is more or less similar to the standard algorithm used by Garmin, TomTom, Navigon and other manufactures of motorcycle GPS.

So there is no problem to make a tour on Tourstart contaning of a lot of start, via and end points, as both Tourstart and your GPS device understand by default each other as they both use "Type 1 - with highway" as a standard.

If implement the feature to avoid highways, we must use another algorithm, which we can call "Type 2 - avoid highways". This will force you, as a user, to find our how you can select the algorithm "Type 2 - avoid highways" for this tour, as Tourstart cannot change this on your GPS - this you need to do by your self.

We have experienced this give more challanges then solves problems, why we only work with "Type 1 - with highway"

Avoid highway on Tourstart route planning

What to do?

To compensate for this, we kindly ask you to just add some drag points on the route you are working on, then with a few drag points, the route is no longer following the highway. Have a look on the video how to make motorcycle route on Tourstart.

How to create a motorcycle route on Tourstart

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