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What language to choose?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 @ 18:01

Languages on Tourstart

It is entirely up to you what language you want to use, as the content is the same. We have translated to English, German, Russian and Danish, so we cover a language understood by the majority of our international users.

What is translated

It is important to note that we translate the user interface, which means that the buttons, help descriptions and what else you need to navigate on the web site is all translated to several languages. 

The basic content are not translated. This means when a user ride a motorcycle tour in for example Norway, and write the description in English, we do not change that. What users upload and write, we do not make any modifications on that. It is the same with this motorcycle tour at Fuen, Denmark. The text is the original Danish, but you can always see the pictures and get the gps data.

Nordfyn motorcycle tour in Denmark

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