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iPhone and iPad app for motorcyclists

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 19:57

Tourstart iPhone app

Tourstart has developed an iPhone app, which you can read more about here. In this FAQ we will explain the most common features in the motorcycle app which we have developed. 


Make your choise. Here start your motorcycle ride, where you can choose between the content on Tourstart. Spin the  selector and click on your  choise, then you will be taken direct to the content you want.

Tourstart iPhone app for motorcycle tours and ride planning

Turn-by-turn navigation

Tourstart has the first app in the world which combines navigation, ride planner and sharing of motorcycle tours. This means, you can now be voice guided with the turn-by-turn navigation on any route you may plan or find, as well as you can be guided to the motorcycle events on Tourstart which you find interesting.

Turn-by-turn navigation for motorcycle rides

Motorcycle event

When selecting the event, you will per default see your own country. But, you can just move the map to see events in any part of the world, as Tourstart is worldwide. Zoom and click on the event you like, read more and see the pictures. It is free for all to create events which is of interest of motorcyclists. The event can either be a motorcycle rally, coffee meeting or any other events which motorcyclists find interesting.

Motorcycle event on Tourstart iPhone app for motorcyclists

Motorcycle tour

In the section motorcycle tour you can find motorcycle route from the entire world. Motorcyclists share their best riding experiences from both the neighbourhood and from the holiday and week-end motorcycle rides. Currently there are thousands of great rides to select from, so it is easy to find inspiration for your next motorcycle ride.

Motorcycle routes on Tourstart iPhone app for motorcyclists

This is an example of a motorcycle route in Lysebotn, Norway. Here are a route with some points fully described with text and picture. When you want to ride the Lysebotn tour, simply click on the navigation symbol, and the turn-by-turn navigation will guide you from your actual position and throughout the entire Lysebotn route.

Motorcycle tour on Tourstart iPhone app


On Tourstart you can plan a motorcycle ride on the following ways:

  1. Plan your own motorcycle ride
  2. Plan a ride based on an event
  3. Plan a ride based on an existing route


RidePlan option #1
On RidePlan you can make your own ride by, and place the start/via/end points either direct on the map or by writing an address.

RidePlan option #2
When finding an event which is interesting, you can either click direct on "navigation" and ride direct to the event, or make a route in RidePlan where the end point then will be the event.

RidePlan option #3
Any route you may find on Tourstart app can be transferred to the "RidePlan" section where you can make your changes and plan a great motorcycle route around the original content. Please note that the original content are not changed.

Plan motorcycle route in Tourstart RidePlan iPhone app


On your private profile you can write a few words about yourselves. Then other users on Tourstart can read about you as e.g. creator of a tour or an event. 

Profile on Tourstart iPhone app

Share Tourstart app content

At the bottom of any event and tour there is an area for sharing. Here you can share the content with your friends on Facebook, e-mail or QR code. All it takes is a click, and other motorcyclists can then enjoy the same Event or Tour. 

Share Tourstart content with Friends on Tourstart iPhone app

Download from AppStore

Visit the AppStore and see the app and download. Just click on the AppStore logo, and you are automatically taken here.

Tourstart on AppStore

Further questions

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on You are also welcome to contact us should you have any suggestions for improvements, as we always seek improvements and new ideas.

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