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PRO - Time and distance between points

Sunday, January 4, 2015 @ 16:35

Ever needed to know the riding time between the points in you route?

This is now possible with Tourstart Pro, where you can see exact riding time and distance between start-via-end points in your motorcycle route. 

If you need to meet some fellow motorcyclists at a certian point and and at a certian time, then it is valuable to know the riding time and distance to the meeting place. Or perhaps you have book a table at your favorite restaurant, and need to be there on time?

Then you simply click on the Pro feature "Time and distance between points" and you will get this information.

Time and distance between start-via-end points

The motorcycle route consists of the start-via-end points, as this is your fixed points on the route. Then next is to plan the route on the nice and motorcycle friendly roads, for which you can use drag points. The drag points are shown like this:

Ride planner drag points

The time-distance to the drag points are not shown, as these are not a point of interest, so with the "Time and distance" function, you get full overview and flexibility in your ride planning.

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