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What Tourstart is all about?

Sunday, September 23, 2012 @ 11:07

Tourstart - explore the world on a motorcycle

Ever thought about where to go for a motorcycle ride? and ever wondered how to get there?

So, if you have a motorcycle and enjoy explore the world and ride on some great motorcycle roads, you can get a lot of inspiration on Tourstart. 

Just to make a quick overview, this is what you can expect on Tourstart:

  • Events - sharing of motorcycle events
  • Tours - sharing of motorcycle tours
  • Bike Club - Tours and events from the bike club
  • Drive - Instant drive planning and download of GPS data
  • TourNews - News and motorcycle tour descriptions

Motorcycle route transfer to GPS

Tourstart contains not only the destination such as an motorcycle event but also a lot of motorcycle tours which can be downloaded. Should you find a motorcycle event or tour, then you can also plan a motorcycle route based on this, as you simply transfer to "Drive" by a single click. On Drive you can make any changes to the tour - without modifying the original tour - and instantly transfer the final motorcycle tour direct to your GPS.​

Tourstart illustration

So to visualize what Tourstart is about, we made this credit-card-size flyer, which we hand-out when we have a GPS evening or participate in events. The motorcyclist has a great motorcycle route starting at home and taking him to some interests points back home again - all supported by  a GPS. - motorcycle tour, motorcycle route and motorcycle event 

Tourstart animation video

We made a small animaiton video to give you an idea what Tourstart is about, just click on the video and have a look. 

Tourstart is a motorcycle community

Tourstart is a community for motorcyclists who enjoy motorcycle riding and who looks for some inspiration for a scenic holiday, exciting route or to plan a great evening ride with friends on the local motorcycle road.

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