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VOG (V Owners Group)

Balseminie, Pretoria-Wes, Pretoria, 0002, RSA
Created by David V Davy
VOG is a vee-engined motorcycle group. V-Twins or V-4's of any configuration or brand. To be different we had to select a market segment and perform well therein. Our mission is thus to bring big-vee's together in brotherhood/ sisterhood and add value to their ownership thru our website and Facebook pages. We are national so a vee-engined owner living anywhere in South Africa can enrol and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded owners. In the more populated metro areas where we have a greater density of members we have regular breakfast runs which adds a social interaction further enhancing membership. In Gauteng province we have a run the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month and in the Western Cape, our Cape Metro area cell has a run once a month. Our pleasure is to create tours (we call them Challenges) for solo riders or groups which require specific POI's that must be visited. Rewards for completing a challenge is the presentation of a medal. (More available info on our website under that heading) We have 8 challenge routes across SA and a group tour to VIctoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Franchises are available for persons aspiring to starting a group where intellectual property and imagery trademarks are already in place.  VOG will be10 years old in April 2014.
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Feb 6, 2014
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Dec 5, 2013
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Dec 5, 2013
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Dec 1, 2013
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Nov 19, 2013
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