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Gold Wing club of Ukraine

Address просп. Добровольского, 80, Одесса, Одесская область, Украина
Contacts 65069, Ukraine, Odessa,
pr. Dobrovolskogo, 82а.
Tel.: +380 48 751-15-80
+380 48 751-14-87
Created by Андрей Вовк
GWC Ukraine unites the owners of legendary Japanese motorbike from Honda, the king of touring luxury class motorbikes. Gold Wing is one of the most comfortable, reliable and prestigious motorbikes in the world. In its 30 years history they (bikes) have won the hearts of thousands of people! 

The owners of this cruiser have started to get together in clubs from 1980, followed by foundation of the Gold Wing European Federation in 1983, which counts more than 20,000 Gold Wing bikes. The members of the European Federation are clubs of 23 European countries, such as: Austria, Greece, Belgium, Czech Republik, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, England, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemborough, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine. It took a lot of effort for Ukraine to become a recognized member, enjoying the same rights as the others. Officially our country is accepted in the Gold Wing European Federation owners in August 16, 2007. 

The club itself is open for all Gold Wing owners, but it is not enough to be the owner of a touring bike. It is important to prove the bike was bought for traveling, not just for image… The membership imposes traveling and decent representation of our country abroad! 

Traditional way of communication for all Gold Wing owners are festivals, which are known under the name of «treffens», which is translated from Dutch as «meeting of friends»… The only common thing with other bikers' festivals is the motorbikes themselves. 

Every year a country — participant of the Gold Wing European Federation arranges treffen in its own country, the purpose of which is developing of moto touring in Europe, as well as getting to know the culture of the country. The first international festival in Ukraine took place in Lvov, 2008. 190 motorbikes arrived in Ukraine, 156 of them were Gold Wing European Federation members. In three years of its existence, Ukrainian treffen is recognized as one of the best in regards to the level of arrangement and organization. It has already acquired its admirers. 

It is now imperative to arrange annual festivals in our country. 
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Created new bike club "Gold Wing club of Ukraine"
Oct 13, 2011
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