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Statements from advertisers and BikerBeds

Friis MC, MC dealer in Denmark

Friis MC recommend Tourstart as planning tool

"We have had several GPS events where our customers learn to use Tourstart  and to plan motorcycle tours - and they are very impressed with the intuiative way it works"

Heidi Friis, Owner










B&B Dannevirke, Bed and Breakfast in Germany

B&B Dannevirke use Tourstart to share mc routes with guests

"We use Tourstart to share our best motorcycle routes with our guests, so the guest can easily download the route to their GPS and get some good motorcycle rides"

Carsten Alstrup Jensen, Owner of B&B Dannevirke







Alebo Pensionat - Sweden

It was a big lift, that the new category “BikerBed” was introduced recently on the Tourstart webpage. As I see it, Touring is a composition of three elements:

  1. Having a motorbike
  2. Having an idea of a route to drive – and last but not least
  3. Having a nice place to dine and later spend the night in a biker friendly accommodation.


But who should suggest tours? Of cause those who know the local environment. Therefore I looked for a map based application to put up tours in our region of Sweden added with some interesting non highway routes to get to us from different major locations. The solution came up with Tourstart !

Alebo Pensionat for motorcyclists in Sweden

The next logical step was to advertise on Tourstart. Tourstart is a free tool for everybody, but as a commercial business we felt, that it would be a win/win strategy to advertise. Tourstart get some funding to make the tools even better – and we get some targeted publicity on the website.

As ever it is hard to judge the outcome, but for sure we have had a growth in the numbers of motorcyclists visiting us. And it is a pleasure to add some quality to their tours by offering them, by now, 28 Tourstart tours, which can easily be downloaded to their GPS devices.

Alebo Pensionat is a hotel in the landscape Småland, Sweden

Erik Dich, owner of Alebo Pensionat



Bridgestone MC tires

Bridgestone MC Tires support Tourstart

"Bridgestone is passionated about motorcycle riding - just as Tourstart. Therefore it was natural to advert on Tourstart, as motorcycle tires are a perfect match with the users needs of Tourstart"

Carsten Mortensen, Product manager, Bridgestone MC Tires









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